About The Cornerstone Group

Who Are We?


In early 2017, four HomeVestors Development Agents came together to form The Cornerstone Group. Jim Williams and Rob Caldwell are business partners in the south east and Jim Wiley and Bill McKenna are business partners in the north east. Together, they have over 60 plus years of experience and they have purchased over 600 properties.

The Partnership

The four Cornerstone Group coaches know that they are stronger together. By combining their decades of real estate investment know-how, real estate coaching expertise, and time with HomeVestors, they can better serve their network of HomeVestors business owners.

Their partnership allows them to provide:

  • A Broader Framework of Mentors and Coaches
  • Expanded Resources and Stronger Infrastructure
  • Leadership & Performance Opportunities
  • Access to Subject Matter Experts

HomeVestors franchisees on the east coast now have even more knowledge and experience at their fingertips. But that’s not all…

About the Coaches

Rob Caldwell bought his first investment property in 1993. In 2004, he joined HomeVestors because he could not find enough houses to buy on his own. The HomeVestors trademark and brand, “We Buy Ugly Houses” solved that problem for him and he hasn’t looked back since! Currently, Rob works as a Development Agent where he trains and supports HomeVestors business owners. He truly enjoys sharing his real estate investing experiences with the business owners he supports.

Jim Williams acquired his first real estate investment in 1997. Jim and his wife started buying rentals in 2000 to create a retirement portfolio. In 2005, they went “all in” to become full time real estate investors. After trying real estate gurus and weathering the recession, they purchased their franchise in 2013. Jim and Karen’s house buying business increased by 90% by purchasing 67 houses and selling 60 of them in their VERY first year! They were thrilled and relieved to have more consistent cash flow and proven systems to lean on.  Jim loves helping others succeed in real estate investment – his work as a coach is a perfect fit for his skills and his passion.

Jim Wiley spent over 20 years as a senior corporate executive before becoming a real estate investor. When he realized he no longer enjoyed his work, he started thinking about a HomeVestors franchise. Jim had zero experience in real estate when he purchased his franchise in early 2007. The training and support offered by HomeVestors really impressed Jim – and it worked – his business got off to fast start and has purchased a couple hundred properties in the past 10 years. Jim enjoys working with new franchisees when they come on-board and helping them build a successful business.

Bill McKenna joined HomeVestors 10 years ago with limited real estate investment knowledge outside of buying a few personal homes. The ability to balance family and lifestyle drives him to succeed – and drew him to the franchise. Bill used his 25 years of experience in corporate America alongside the HomeVestors training, processes, and marketing to build a thriving business. He has bought and sold over $50,000,000 worth of properties using the HomeVestors model. Bill is continually buying, rehabbing, and wholesaling properties and he recently added some rental properties to support long term wealth. Bill has been a Development Agent for 7 years and enjoys every opportunity to help new franchisees succeed. Bill is happiest when he’s adding new franchisees to the team, watching the NY/NJ market grow, and sharing in the success of his team.

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