Do You Know the Truth About HomeVestors?


Misconceptions About HomeVestors

You have seen our “We Buy Ugly Houses™” billboards as you drive down the road –   but do you really know what makes our house-buying model unique?  I always find it interesting when talking with people about HomeVestors that they assume we buy foreclosed properties.  They are usually surprised to find that the vast majority of our purchases are made directly from motivated sellers.  While some of our franchisees  do  purchase the occasional foreclosure when the opportunity is right, the vast majority of the houses we purchase are directly from the owner of the property.  

The Truth About HomeVestors

Our massive “We Buy Ugly Houses™” brand and advertising campaign gives us national visibility and recognition.  When a person needs to sell their home as quickly as possible (due to a wide range of ugly situations that might include inheriting a property far from their primary residence, to financial reasons), they think of us first. These sellers often contact HomeVestors®  directly; and usually before they reach out to anyone else.

HomeVestors® of America, commonly known as We Buy Ugly Houses®, is the number one homebuyer in America.  Since HomeVestors® began its franchise in 1996, our franchisees have purchased over 65,000 houses throughout the US. Typically, HomeVestors® franchise owners pay cash for ugly homes that often have their owners in difficult situations.  Generally, our franchisees renovate houses and then sell or lease them.  This improves neighborhoods in the process and offers great opportunities for first time buyers, renters, and real estate investors.  With over 600 franchisees independently operating in 37 states, HomeVestors® commits itself to enforcing high ethical standards and strict systems that result in responsible business practices.  We are proud of the service we provide that helps homeowners and people who would like to start their own independently owned and operated business.  Read some of my  franchisee success stories.

Starting a HomeVestors Franchise

Some real estate investors that are curious about the HomeVestors franchise opportunity may not initially recognize that the “We Buy Ugly Houses™” brand attracts more distressed sellers than any other program, system or  guru method.  I often hear, “Why would I want to join HomeVestors when I can buy foreclosures on my own”.  A clear moment of enlightenment occurs when they learn that HomeVestors franchisees do not buy many foreclosures at all.  We receive calls from sellers who invite us into their living rooms and kitchens to help them out of their ugly situation.  Our national recognition and reputation means that sellers come to us– meaning that our network offers up the best leads a real estate investor will ever have.

With ongoing support from HomeVestors® and our Franchise Coaches (Development Agents) mentors, franchisees purchase houses at discount prices. Our franchisees either renovate and sell or renovate and rent properties they buy, which generates a positive cash flow and equity. We Buy Ugly Houses/HomeVestors® franchisees must complete our intensive training program. It incorporates our systems for buying homes as well as good business standards. Our franchisees learn how to deal with homeowners who may be in an ugly situation, how to explain our home buying process, and how to carry out as-is all cash buyout deals that can create a profit for franchisees while helping a homeowner get out of an ugly house.

So, now you know that the rumors are true:

  • Yes, we have a proven house buying system that has purchased more than 65,000 houses since 1996!
  • Yes, we have financing available for purchasing and renovating houses!
  • Yes, all of our franchisees receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring for the life of their business!  (No additional fees or costs associated with ongoing training!)
  • Yes, our nationally recognized brand, We Buy Ugly Houses® is the key to a hidden city of motivated sellers that call our HomeVestors® franchisees everyday?

We Buy Ugly Houses® is the most powerful brand and trademark in the world of real estate investing!  For more than a decade I have witnessed first-hand the steady flow of leads from sellers that understand what we do.  These sellers need rescued from an UGLY house, or, an UGLY real estate situation!

Still looking for more information? If you have specific questions or want to have an in depth conversation, call me today at 828-989-3785.  You can also join me on the channels below to learn more about HomeVestors® and real estate investment as a whole.

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