My Top Real Estate Investment Resources Revealed

real estate investment resourcesMy fellow real estate investors know that the learning never stops. Even 50 year industry veterans still have more to learn more about the nuances of the real estate market. So how do I keep up with it all and make sure that I commit myself to learning everything that I can?

As a real estate investing coach, I have a network of performing investors that I speak to and work with regularly at HomeVestors®. In addition to communicating with this network, I also have weekly training and coaching with franchisees. When I need something outside of my network, however, I turn to a few trusted real estate investment resources for insider news, personal stories, and investor tips.

Are these the only resources out there? No! But these are the ones that I find enjoyable to read and turn to time and time again. Borrow my real estate investment resources or find your own- but never stop learning!

Stay Connected With These Real Estate Investment Resources


Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine
I turn to this website for several reasons. The mix of up-to-date news and market reports coupled with personal blogs checks everything off my list for a great investing resource. The Investor Tools section is a treasure trove of market data and information. You can also subscribe to receive reports straight in your inbox. *Full disclosure: I have articles published on this website



The BiggerPockets Renews Blog
Do you like reading personal stories and learning lessons straight from the mouths of those who have learned them? Then the Renews Blog is for you! Their content is easily digestible for all experience levels and provides great real-life context for all aspects of investing- from business management and tenant management to rehabbing properties and weighing the pros and cons of varying investment types. They post a ton of fresh content daily, so there is always a new topic to explore!


karens perspective real estate books

Karen’s Perspective
My fellow HomeVestors D.A. Jim Williams and his wife Karen have their own real estate company and Karen writes her own real estate investment blog. Her site, Karen’s Perspective is written with the full weight of her experience behind it. The result? Highly valuable information and market analysis.


homevestors real estate resources

HomeVestors Blog
If you are a franchisee or considering a franchise, you can learn a lot from the HomeVestors blog and website. The blog covers national real estate investment news and real estate investing strategiesthat are applicable to all investors, not only franchisees. But members of the HomeVestors family will find the franchise perspective especially useful.


forbes real estate magazine

For global trends and the financial side of real estate investing, Forbes is a winner. The Real Estate section offers a bevy of helpful high-level news and of course, ever-popular lists of top investors and top cities. While Forbes does not dive as deeply into the real day-to-day experience of an investor, the content quality makes it worth a read.


real estate investment resources

It is easy to forget that, above all, you are running a business. That’s where Entrepreneur comes to the rescue. If you need general business advice and inspiration, you can turn to their online magazine time and time again. While the lessons are universal, they are easily applied to your house-buying business and will lift you up when you are feeling stuck. Their articles on communication and strategy stand out as especially useful for our industry.


Deal Maker Sessions logo

Deal Maker Sessions
If you are a hands-on learner, then you cannot miss our Deal Maker Sessions. Join our Facebook group to stay up to date on times and locations. These sessions forge wholesale deals and connect sellers with buyers in a friendly low pressure environment.

As I grow my blog, I hope that it too can become an invaluable real estate investment resource for you. If there are topics that you would like to learn more about, reach out to me! I am open to suggestions and above all else I strive to provide useful information.

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